CAC Grading Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Will CAC buy, sell or appraise my coins?

A: No. CAC is strictly a third party grading service that does not buy or sell coins.

Q: What does the CAC Grading process entail?

A: When you submit coins to CAC Grading, they are received by our trained staff and entered into our grading system. From there, a group of graders will look at the coin's surface, edges and lettering to determine if there are any signs of damage, wear or other issues that may affect the coin's grade. The graders will then assign a grade that reflects its overall condition. This grade will take into account factors such as the coin's level of wear, the quality of its strike and the overall appearance of its surfaces. Once the coin has been graded and authenticated, it will be encapsulated in our plastic holder to protect it from further damage and preserve its condition. 

Q: Will CAC send me submission forms? 

A: While we do have paper forms, we encourage you to take a look at our online submission portal. You can also print PDF versions of our form from within that portal. Members who use the online portal will receive a $5 discount on the handling fee for each submission.  Paper forms may be requested through CAC Customer Care at

Q: If I want to submit coins but do not have private insurance, where can I indicate that on the submission form?

A:  There is a box to check for "CAC Shipping"  in the Shipping Method section of the submission form.  This indicates that CAC will use its insurance and CAC-chosen shipping method to return your submission.  DO NOT fill out any other information regarding shipping method.

Q: If I want to submit coins but want to use my private insurance, where can I indicate that on the submission form?

A:  There are multiple shipping methods available for members that are using their private insurance and they are listed in the Shipping Method area of the submission form.  Please be aware that Federal Express and UPS require an established account to use those shipping methods and both of those shipping methods require a delivery speed which must be checked on the submission form.  If choosing a USPS shipping service (e.g. Express, Registered, Priority), CAC will use your insurance and bill for the USPS postage and signature fees.  You must list your account number if using Federal Express or UPS.  The maximum insurance limit per package must be listed for all shipping methods chosen.  DO NOT check the box for "CAC Shipping" when using your private insurance.

Q: Will CAC Grading recognize plus grades on CAC stickered crossovers?

A: No. We do not guarantee CAC stickered coins that have a plus grade will be a plus grade at CAC Grading. When the coin was originally viewed by CAC Stickering, we did not recognize the plus. Please be sure to indicate the minimum grade clearly on your crossover (Legacy) submission to ensure your coin is not cracked out of its holder against your intentions. For example, if you have a 67+ but would be okay with a 67, that grade is guaranteed. However, If you were to submit a 67+ with a minimum grade of 67+, it is not guaranteed to cross at 67+. 

Q: Can I drop off coins in person at your office?

A: Our office is not open to the general public. We are a secure facility and do not currently allow collector drop offs. We expect to be able to accommodate this in the near future.

Q: Does CAC grade mint errors, world coins, tokens or medals?

A: Currently, CAC does not accept these coin types. This will change in the future so keep an eye out for any announcements!

Q: Can you explain the $5 imaging fee? 

A: This is for images of the coin's obverse and reverse that will be sent to you once the coin has been graded.  In order to receive these images for coins submitted on the Economy tier, you must choose the option for the $5 imaging fee. Otherwise, you will only receive an image of the full coin holder. The coin's obverse and reverse images are included in the price of grading for the classic/vintage tiers of Standard and higher.

Q: Does CAC offer "First Strike" or other modern coin designations?

A: Currently, CAC offers a "First Delivery" designation for modern coins. We will have information regarding this add on service in more detail soon! 

Q: What is the CAC Grading shipping address? 

A: For CAC Grading, please send packages to the following address:  CAC, 1716 Corporate Landing Pkwy., Virginia Beach, VA 23454.  ***This is for CAC Grading submissions only***

If your question about CAC Grading was not answered on this page, 

please contact CAC Customer Care so we can assist you with any inquiries. 

(757) 800-1750

Toll Free (888) 537-3798                                                                                                             

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