What is a "Details" graded coin?

Modified on Wed, 22 Nov 2023 at 03:52 PM

What does "Details" mean? A details graded coin is a coin that has been assigned a non-numerical grade (e.g. XF, AU, UNC) but with a qualifier that indicates that the coin has some form of damage, alteration, or other issue that prevented it from receiving a full grade.  

For example, a coin may be assigned a grade of "AU Details" (AU stands for "About Uncirculated") if it has some wear or other damage that prevents it from receiving a full AU grade, but is still considered to be "collectable."

The specific qualifier used may vary, but some common ones include "Cleaned" or "Environmental Damage." These qualifiers are intended to provide additional information to potential buyers and collectors about the condition of the coin and to indicate that it may be less valuable or desirable than a fully graded coin of the same grade.

It's important to note that the presence of a qualifier on a graded coin does not necessarily mean that the coin is not valuable or desirable and that some collectors actively seek out and collect coins with details grades as part of their collections. However, it's important to be aware of the specific issue that led to the details grade and to factor that into your decision when purchasing or collecting coins.

Does CAC Holder "Details" coins? CAC Grading only holders certain details codes. See our article titled CAC Grading Details Code Breakdown for more information.

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