How to Submit a Coin on the Customer Portal

Modified on Thu, 16 Nov 2023 at 01:21 PM

Welcome to the CAC Customer Portal! With this new software we are offering a one stop site to submit coins, track your submissions, and view/edit your payment methods along with countless other features. Please note before you begin creating submissions, you should add at least one payment method onto your account (You can do this under the profile tab in your portal.) CAC is trailblazing within the industry to remove the writing of payment methods on each submission form. While this system may be a learning curve, we are so excited to offer a more secure and safe way for you to submit. 

With the CAC Portal, you will have multiple locations available to submit items. Under My Collection, Submissions, and Quick Submissions you will have the following options: 

If you select "Submit Items" it will show you items that have been added to your collection.  While Set Registry will be used for sets and have specific requirements, your collection is more of a free space for you to catalog all the coins you have.  You don't have to use this in order to submit your items, but it can be useful in tracking what is currently being processed, what grading service you have, and the CAC status. Once you add the coins you want to be submitted to your collection, you would then click "Submit Items". For instructions on how to add items to your collection, please scroll down to "Add Items" in this article. 

On this screen, you can go through the list of your coins and select which ones you would like to submit. 

You may at this point select add ons, special instructions, pedigree requests, and the return shipping method. Please ensure all the required fields are filled out correctly such as declared value, service type(Service Type provides two options Crossover or Verification) and any additional details that are needed for processing.

At this point, if you have multiple service types, levels, and coin types our system will automatically break them out into groupings. Please note that when you select "Create Submission(s)" you are doing so in acceptance of our terms and conditions. At this point in time, it will create the submission and you will then be given the option to print it. The submission at this point in time is not "live." It will not be assigned a submission number and barcode until you hit the "print" button. You will need to print out this invoice to be sent along with your coins. Please keep in mind, we only need one copy and you will be able to view this submission form information within your portal at any time. 

Our mailing address as well as the unique submission number will print at the top of the form for your reference. 

If you click "Submission Forms" you will receive a pop up window that gives you the choice in which type of submission form PDF to download. We have both stickering and grading forms available here so please select accordingly. The new form will pop up in a new window and from here you can download and print the form. We only need one copy to be sent with the submission so please ensure that you take a copy for your reference or take a photo of the submission. 

Adding Items to your collection to then be selected for grading:

Grading Service a drop-down to select Raw Coin (if it is not currently graded) or the options of the grading services we currently recognize.

Certification Number Only applies to holdered coins and required if doing a Crossover, Reconsideration, or Reholder. 

Grade This is the grade your coin has been given.

Legacy   This is the CAC Legacy (CAC Stickering) status. If it currently has a CAC sticker, it should be indicated.

Item This is the item catalog entry, where you’ll enter your items one at a time.

Additional Details  Gives an option to add to your collection. This option will only be offered during the quick submission process. Providing an easy way to add to collection instead of resubmitting in collection tab. 


*Once you have added all the items you will click cancel, this will bring you back to our Quick submission table. Then you will see all items accounted for. You now have the option to Build submission form.


*After clicking the tab build submission an additional pop-up window will appear of the following selected items you have chosen. 

*After reviewing thoroughly and insuring all items are correct you will now proceed with Declared value . (Approximate value of item)

Each item will be numbered and in detail will appear with drop downs of the following Five Options : 

Add-ons: Coin World Tag, Variety, and Imaging.

Holder Details: Minimum Grade to holder, Min Color, Min cameo, Min other , Holder if no Grade.

Special Instructions: Provide any additional information or instructions that CAC should know about that item.

Pedigrees: If the pedigree is not already assigned, please reach out to CAC Customer Care for pedigree approval.  

Quantity: This can be used if you have multiple of the exact same coin. 

After successfully reviewing and inserting all items, scroll down to preferred  Shipping Method. Please keep in mind that if we do not have a shipping method on file, CAC shipping should be selected and we will add the price of insured shipping onto your final invoice. 

Click Review Details:  In this tab you will see all items in full details before selecting the option to create a submission form. Make sure all items have been selected and each item will be separated by service type, service tier, and coin type. 

There will be an option on the bottom right hand corner listed as View submission Details for each item window, that  icon is available to view a fee summary with item break down.

Our grading portal will auto populate the service tiers provided. On the top of each numbered item , there's an Upgrade option. If you would like to select a higher service tier than what the system generated for your submission, you can do so at this point.

Please note that once you "Create Submissions" this will not automatically print your form. You will need to go through and print out each form. You also have the option to "trash" the submission if you no longer want to submit those coins or you added them elsewhere. 

Any Additional assistance needed feel free to contact Customer Care via email 

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